How much do you know about the electors that make up the electoral college?

Not much? Neither did I. 

Bringing our Founding Fathers into the 21st century


After a lot of research, it became clear to me that over time, the role has become much more ceremonial than what our Founding Fathers originally intended. With emails addresses like (really), it became clear to me that electors themselves might not even know how to perform their job according to the Federalist Papers. 

Who better to tell them how to perform their job than the Founding Fathers themselves?

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

7  Fathers, 7 Gmails, 7 Twitter accounts

First, we educated ourselves on the purpose of the Electors so that we could educate them—and the general public.

They are, in effect, the last stop-gap against a would-be tyrannical leader. 

With inboxes already at critical mass, we coordinated each account to hit send at the same time, creating a block of messages sure to be a scroll-stopper.

After Trump became president elect in 2016, electors were getting as many as 5,000 emails, letters, and phone calls a day asking for them to vote their conscience. When really there are only 7 voices they should be listening to.

All emails pointed to our website, which detailed exactly what the Founding Fathers intended for the electors to do, in plain English.

In the past, you would call someone who voted differently than their electorate a "Faithless Elector." We wanted to flip the script.

After all, isn't it more appropriate to call someone who sets out to do the job entrusted to them "faithful?"

A non-partisan approach

It was important that we don’t force their hand or come off as partisan, especially since the founders themselves represented a wide range of political views.

Instead, we simply stated the 3 qualifications with which the founding fathers wanted the electors to judge a candidate, and ask them to do the research themselves. 

Finally our friendly fathers began to spread the word on Twitter.

I like to think that all the founding bros would be re-tweeting each other like the good patriots they are.

A worthwhile long shot

You all know how it unfolded. 

Was it a hail mary? Yes. 

Was it worth a try?


To me, the eternal optimist and someone who can not just sit by and watch, YES. 

Independent Project with help from amazing friends, 2016