Most people eat Pringles alone.
And that is totally okay.
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Student Campaign - VCU Brandcenter

Enjoy Alone App

Alone time can be the best part of your day. Use this app to get out of doing other things so you can have more alone time.



Messages are printed on reusable coasters that are under the can's lid to encourage alone time.


Instagram pictures are shared on the Pringles facebook page, where a daily winner gets featured on the facebook cover photo.


The snack industry stands for partying, groups, and sharing. But all of Pringles' marketing efforts are butting up against a very different reality -

Our core consumers eat Pringles alone. 


We ventured to position Pringles as a solitary eating experience. A personal moment of guilty pleasure and anti-sharing. A snack to satisfy individual needs by helping take the embarrassment out of being ourselves.

There’s a movement happening that is the opposite of FOMO. The self-love, couch and chill, “not tonight” movement. At home you can be yourself, social norms be damned. This campaign plays into that sentiment. 

Made at the VCU Brandcenter

AD: Kelsie Clegg, CW: Daniel Chen, CT: Ryan Dowling, CS: Harper Bokum-Fauth, CBM: Daniel Finch