Scentsy Flameless Candles

The flameless candle company that has hundreds of wax scents and a loyal following but one problem: You can't smell the internet.

Student Campaign

Scratch and Sniff Direct Mail

Customers need a way to figure out what new scents they want to try without being able to smell them. Scentsy consultants can send stories to their customers to help them explore different scents that they might be interested in. The direct mail piece is folded accordion style and the scratch and sniff allows them to try a few scents.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.




Scent Guru Microsite (8 slides)

The last page directs people to this site. Using the scent guru, people can search for new scents to try by Feeling, Activity, or Special Occasion. They can also access their favorite scents and see user favorites.


Social Media (3 slides apiece)


Scentsy and Scentsy users can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share when and how they are using scents with hashtags. Then, other users can search which scents go well with what within the Scentsy Guru site.



Banner Ads (5 slides)

Mass media billboards remind users to change it up.

3-Scent Vase Product Innovation

Finally, we created a product that allows users to change their scent more quickly. This larger scent vase has 3 scent cartridges for quick scent/mood changes.

Businesses like daycares and yoga studios to establish a feeling using the scent vase.

Made at the VCU Brandcenter

AD: Kelsie Clegg, CW: Katlyn Williams