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The Cartridge Family

A sketch comedy TikTok team bringing relatable office scenarios to life

With consumers turning to third party ink and toner for their printing needs, Brother was looking to find new ways to build brand loyalty for their supplies. But in order to be more genuine, we went to where our audience was already scrolling... TikTok.

By casting TikTokers, rather than traditional actors, we were able to connect audiences with creators they already loved. With workplace humor remaining a steady trend on social media, we set about writing stories to relate to the modern exasperated corporate worker. 

Meet the Cartridge Family.


Brother Ink & Toner


Creative Director

Episode concepting

Script oversight

Shoot oversight

Art direction oversight



Watch the case study video | 2:41

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The Sketch Comedy Miniseries

First, we created a 5-episode mini-series filled with relatable interpersonal office drama to bring the story to life. The videos were hosted on a Brother YouTube playlist and ran across several social channels and paid ads. 

Teaser: Meet the Family

CF-youtube-playlist copy.png

TikTok Creator Expansions

Then, we gave the reigns to the creators. With personalities and wardrobes established, each one was tasked with creating scenes in character to build on the story. We even used the TikTok Duet feature to show how two characters would “work from home” together.

Social Assets

A social kit including over 70 GIFs and memes from the series tapped into corporate humor and gave a way for our characters to enter workplace chat conversations in an authentic way.


More campaign ideas that didn't go live... yet ;)


The campaign humanized the brand, tapped into a trending conversation, and invited Millennials to engage on the channels where they‘re seeking entertainment—in an authentic and genuine way.

  • A whopping 95.2% watch rate

  • Impressions were up 257% to target

  • Overwhelmingly positive sentiment

  • Featured in AdAge, Muse by Clio, MediaPost



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