Uniting a 40 year old legacy outdoor brand

Dakine makes products for 5 distinct sport pillars, plus lifestyle products and apparel. They have fans on beaches, mountains, trails, schools, and college campuses across the world. Fans of this legacy brand are extremely loyal, but with such a separation of sports, communities, and interests, there wasn't a common thread around what they stand for.


Dakine needed a rallying cry to unite their disparate communities. 




Creative Direction,

Concept & storytelling,

Art Direction,



We gave this 40 year old brand their first tagline

What was true across all sport pillars is that the brand and the team athletes always want to push the boundaries of their sport. To break away from what's known, and redefine what is possible.

After we established the new brand message, we created short, inspiring videos from each sport to spread on social.


We used social to help inspire athletes to push their limits and break out of the known

Short, inspiring videos from each sport spread on social along with some artfully crafted cinemagraphs for the more commercial backpack audience.

We created artful cinemagraphs for the more commercial backpack and back-to-school audience

Adventure doesn't end once school starts. Using a series of cinemagraphs, we showed how Dakine packs are ready for adventures before and after class. Whether it’s setting out towards unknown destinations, gearing up for an afternoon at the skate park, or hanging on the patio after class, Dakine packs do it all.

All communications pointed to our Fear the Known landing page


Finally, we made a printed brand book to cement the brand message