The Collective Project

Using a movie superhero to give real life superheroes a global stage

It all started with 3 amazing students with a vision to change the world. First, we highlighted each student's super-heroic efforts to show our audience how good ideas are magnified when others get involved.

Second, we demonstrated the collaborative power of OneNote by getting each student's university to rally around the cause. We activated communities to lend their money and talent to each student's organization.


The collective started gaining national momentum. 

Longest High Five Chain

Thousands of students gathered on UCF campus to try to break the world record for longest high five chain.

Empathy in Action

Students gathered at Penn State University to get involved with Empower Orphans.


People all over the country tweeted to donate books to the library in Watts.


Students at UCF held a handathon to put together mechanical hands for donation.


Congresswoman Maxine Waters stopped by for the library opening to read a few books.

Do Something Nice Today

At Penn State, students chose a good deed card off of the wall to improve their community.

3D Printer Farm

Students got to see first hand how 3D printing technology is advancing bionics.


3D designers were invited to contribute an arm design to the Limbitless catalog.

Then we caught the attention of a movie superhero. 


Enter Robert Downey Jr., who took a look at Albert Manero's organization and was immediately willing to get involved. With a little help from Marvel, we set up a surprise meeting between him and a young boy named Alex with a partially developed right arm.


He presented Alex with his very own Iron Man arm, and their meeting would go viral in a matter of hours. 

Click through for case study video

Without ad spend, the campaign generated more than 75 million views and 2 billion impressions globally, winning gold and bronze Lions at Cannes.


Most importantly, the campaign caused a 1000% increase in donations to Albert's charity Limbitless as a result of the campaign. Today, Limbitless has gotten involved with the Blue Man Group, is branching out into fashion, and has support and requests for limbs pouring in from all over the world. 


With the help of OneNote and collaboration through activated communities, all 3 students received massive support for their respective causes.