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Vive the Daylife

Slow down and savor the fleeting

St-Germain is known as a dusty art deco bottle in the back of your parent’s liquor cabinet. To change that, we had to re-engage millennials where they are and give them a new way to interact with the brand.


In an industry that is overcrowded with ads that glorify fast-paced nightlife, we gave people permission to slow down and enjoy the daylife. We elevated the brand from a mixing ingredient in cocktails to a main ingredient at daytime gatherings.


Taking direction from the brand’s heritage, we served up several occasions to vive the daylife. To slow down and savor fleeting moments of beauty.

St-Germain Biketenders

Daytime cocktails pedaled to your door by handsome French-ish bartenders with the tap of a button. Oui, s'il vous plaît.


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To bring the St-Germain brand into the spotlight, we stepped away from the crowded nightlife to create an event in broad daylight that had never been done before. We partnered with Uber to bring St-Germain bartenders to doorsteps, by bike.


Our “Biketenders” served The St-Germain Cocktail throughout Seattle and New York, delivering both a product and a moment to savor a new occasion: The Daylife. Demand spiked so high on the first day that we could only fulfill 4% of requests, and “Biketender” has become a new cultural icon.


It even inspired talks of a new dictionary word.

St-Germain Live Periscope Peep Show

A first-ever Periscope production that taught the always-on generation a lesson about slowing down.

Peep Show
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We live in an always-on, hyper-connected world. This presents a challenge for the notion of slowing down and savoring the moment. The easy answer would be to tell our audience to put down their phones. We told them to pick them up—before it was too late.


We created the St-Germain Peep Show to remind our audience to savor the special moments in life before they’re gone forever. Six installments were shot and broadcast in real-time by acclaimed director Floria Sigismondi on Periscope. Our audience was enchanted with a series of beautiful fleeting moments that disappeared within hours.

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Pass the Carafe

Pass the Carafe

An influencer program to curate and share the daylife experience


We partnered with influencers on social media to demonstrate how to make a beautiful daytime gathering using the St-Germain cocktail. We created a set of custom boxes for the St-Germain carafe that were passed from friend to friend, and shared their gatherings on social media. 

Tales of the Cocktail

Teaching bartenders and giving a memorable leave behind

Tales of the Cocktail
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Part of making St-Germain into a key cocktail ingredient was educating bartenders about how to use it. So we attended a Tales of the Cocktail festival in New Orleans, taught them all about the St-Germain cocktail, and left them with a memorable tin type portrait with photographer Victoria Will.